Submit a Site Report

The Friends are gathering reports on as many nature preserves as we can, to highlight the needs of the preserves. Thankfully, reporting on preserve status is something you can do now.

First, head out to a nature preserve! Think, observe, and enjoy. Make note of what you see and hear, any site improvements or disturbances, and any information that helps provide an understanding of the site’s current conditions.

Next, share your report with us. Ideally you might do this right away so you don’t lose track. You can either make notes or submit your report directly from your device while you’re at the site.

Using the form below, please share with us details of your site visit.

Want more training First?

Some problems are easy to understand and report on: garbage dumping, vehicle trespass, and other human abuse (in some cases by well-meaning people who just need better signage). Many important problems are tougher. Do you know how to identify your region’s most dangerous invasive plants? Can you recognize and document an ecosystem suffering from lack of fire? Do you know how to make useful sketch maps, or electronic GPS maps? If you do, or are interested in learning, we are interested in supporting you!

If you would like to sharpen your ability to evaluate needs, we’re planning “field seminars” (for later, when groups can go out to learn together). For the immediate now, check out guides to invasives here or here.

In most parts of Illinois, there are mentors who can coach and advise. Contact us to let us know if you’re willing to be a mentor or would like to connect with one.

Submit a Report